Common problems with washing machines

Is your washing machine not draining or is it too noisy? Like all electronic appliances, washing machines can run into problems. The issues might be easy to fix or could require assistance from an appliance repair technician. Here, we have listed common problems with washing machines and steps to fix the problems.

6 common problems with washing machines

  1. Washing machine won’t drain the water properly
  2. Shaking or vibrating noise
  3. Washing machine not turning on or keeps tripping the circuit
  4. Frequent water leakages
  5. Washing machine smells
  6. Noisy washing machine

Washing machine won’t drain the water properly

Common reasons for the drain to malfunction include:

  • Waste or cloth piece stuck in the drain hose. To fix this issue, remove the drain hose and inspect it for any blockages. If there is anything blocking the drain, remove it.
  • Broken drain pump
  • Your drain cycle is not working properly and you can see an error code on your machine. In this case, refer to the instructions manual for recommended actions.

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Shaking or vibrating noise

If your machine shakes or vibrates, it could be because of a heavy load causing the machine to be imbalanced. In this case, check if your machine is resting evenly on the floor. The floor should also be solid and stable to support the weight of the washing machine. Adjust the load inside your machine and make sure there is enough room for the clothes to move freely inside.

Washing machine not turning on or keeps tripping the circuit

This problem could arise due to many reasons like a faulty motor, overheating of the motor, or water leakage. It is best to contact a qualified appliance repair technician who can assess and repair your washing machine.

Frequent water leakages

Can you see frequent water leaks from your washing machine? The water leaks could be because of problems in the drain hose, door seal, or tub seal. If you are using a front loading machine, waste material stuck in the door seal can cause water leakages. This problem can be fixed by cleaning the seal. Check your drain hoses regularly and look out for any damage. The machine might also have a faulty tub seal that might need to be replaced.

These issues are best handled by appliance repair technicians who are skilled in washing machine repairs.

Washing machine smells

There could be a buildup of mould and bacteria in the washing machine leading to a musty smell. It is ideal to clean your machine regularly. Also, check your laundry area for signs of mould, if you can see the growth of mould, get it cleaned immediately. Clean your machine with vinegar and baking soda which is ideal to break down microbial growth. It will also leave your machine smelling fresher.

Noisy washing machine

The machine could be making noise if you have left keys or coins or other objects inside the pocket of your clothes. This problem could be fixed by pausing the machine and removing the objects. Turn off the machine completely and check the drain for any blockages if required.

Washing machine repairs in Brisbane

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