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Fallon Solutions offers expert pool plumbing repairs in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Our team of experienced plumbers use specialized equipment for accurate leak detection and provide targeted repairs, saving time and money. Address pool leaks promptly to prevent damage to your pool system and, enlist the services of our pool plumbing specialists today.

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Pool plumbing services

Undetected water leaks in pool pipes, pumps, and filtration systems can lead to wasted water, excessive chemical use, and damage to surrounding landscapes. Our plumbers address these issues promptly, preventing structural damage to your pool. Whether it’s an inground or above-ground pool, our team of plumbers are on hand to help with all your pool leak detection and plumbing repair and restoration.

Important Note: We do not provide leak detection or repair services for the pool lining or shell. For all other pool plumbing needs, trust Fallon Solutions for reliable and professional services.


Pool leak detection

Using specialised equipment, our plumbers precisely locate damaged sections of pipes for targeted repairs. This approach not only saves time but also ensures cost-effective solutions. Whether it’s repairing leaks or replacing broken sections, we handle issues in suction or return pool lines with expertise.

Common Pool Plumbing Repairs Include:

  • Pool filter or pump leaks
  • Pool line repair
  • Repairs to cracked pool pipes
  • Restoring underground pool pipes
  • Dripping filter or pump
  • Pool skimmer leaks
  • Leaking chlorinator
  • Air in the pump basket or return lines
  • Faulty pool valve
  • Backwash pipe connection
  • Pool stormwater management & overflow system problems
  • Relocating pool pipes and equipment

If you don’t find your specific issue listed, contact our team at 1300 054 488 for personalised assistance. We also specialise in repairing damaged pipes and plumbing connections to your pool heat pump unit or solar pool heating system.

Signs You Need Pool Leak Repairs:

Detecting pool pipe leaks can be challenging, but common signs include:

  • Constant water level drop
  • Increased use of pool chemicals
  • Unexplained growth or changes in the garden around the pool
  • Holes or movement in the soil or garden
  • Dirt in the pool
  • Ongoing damp sections around the pool

If you notice these signs, contact Fallon Solutions for thorough leak detection and repair services.

Pool electrical services

Fallon Solutions trade team can also provide electrical repairs for pool filtration and pump systems, as well as the electrical requirements for pool infrastructure installations. Our electricians can connect your pool to an off-peak or economy tariff to help reduce your pool operating costs and save you money. Find out more here – Pool Electrical

Fallon Solutions your trusted pool plumbing specialists

For the very best in pool plumbing and leak detection services throughout Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast, contact Fallon Solutions at 1300054488 or complete our quick online pool