Protect your most valuable asset

$99* Maintenance and Prevention checks for your home

Safeguard your valuable investment with $99* Maintenance and Prevention checks for your home. Your home is a valuable asset, and just like you get your car regularly serviced, your home also deserves consistent care and attention.

Prioritise routine inspections of your plumbing and electrical systems to prevent unexpected and potentially expensive surprises throughout the year. Our experienced and trained technicians conduct thorough checks, identifying issues that need attention. Promptly addressing any issues allows for repairs at your convenience so you can avoid costly emergency call-outs. Invest in the longevity of your home with Fallon Solutions’ professional maintenance checks.

$99* Switchboard Safety Check
Don’t wait until you lose power. Get your switchboard checked for any possible issues before they happen. Read more…

$99* Smoke Alarm Check
Our electrician will perform a thorough compliance check of your current smoke alarm system. Read more…

$99* Drain Clearing Deal
Our licensed plumbers will unblock your drain from only $99*. Read more…

$99* Security Alarm Check
Get a home security alarm system performance check. Includes testing, batteries, and a condition report. Read more…

$99* Hot Water System Check
If you’re having trouble with your hot water system, our plumbers will work out exactly what is going wrong. Read more…

$99* Solar System Check
Get a 26-point solar system performance and safety check for only $99*. Read more…

You’re in safe hands with our Master Electricians and Master Plumbers.

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