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Experience professional solar system installations, repairs, and maintenance with Fallon Solutions. Our expert solar installers deliver tailored solar power solutions across Greater Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast. We can undertake a solar performance and safety check to ensure your getting the most out of your current system. If your looking to upgrade your system or install a new one we can assess your power requirements to design a solar PV system that meets your current and future electricity needs. We are Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA) approved installers and We Can Be There Today! We also provide 24/7 electrical emergency services to the Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Financing options are also available.

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Find out if you qualify for solar rebate for up to $7,000 In Federal Government Rebates!

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Advantages of solar power

Harnessing solar power is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of power generation. Recent advancements in solar batteries allow excess energy to be stored for later use during nighttime or cloudy days, ensuring a continuous supply of green power for your home or business.

  • Abundance of renewable energy: Living in sunny Queensland presents an opportunity to generate surplus electricity throughout the year, surpassing your consumption need.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Relying on solar energy reduces dependence on the grid, translating into substantial savings on electricity bills.
  • Green energy: Converting to solar power significantly diminishes your carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner, sustainable environment.

Comprehensive solar power services

Our team offers a comprehensive suite of services to facilitate the seamless installation and maintenance of your solar system, including:

Government solar rebates and incentives

Unlock financial benefits for your solar investment through government incentives, including Solar Feed-in Tariffs and Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). These programs help you maximise returns and offset initial costs.

Solar feed-in tariffs

Earn money by feeding excess solar power into the grid, reducing your future bills. Find out more about electricity feed-in tariffs –

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Receive certificates based on your system’s electricity production, offering financial support for your new solar setup.

Find out more about STCs –

Choosing the right solar power system

Our solar electricians consider factors such as your current energy consumption, available roof space, installation options, and budget to recommend the ideal solar power system for your home or business.

Solar power requirements

There are essentially three main components required to generate solar power in your home.

  • solar panels which convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy (DC).
  • solar panel mounting systems which attach the solar panels to the roof.
  • solar power inverter which converts the DC electrical energy to AC for use in your home and, if required, to feedback into the main electricity network.

Another optional addition is a solar battery to store unused energy for future use. Batteries are a great choice if you use a lot of electricity late in the evening, or during times of low sunlight.

Your trusted local solar installers

At Fallon Solutions, we are committed to delivering quality and value for your solar investment. Our Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA) accredited Master Electricians and Installation Sub-Contractors ensure a professional and reliable service.

Important note: Licensed solar electricians must perform all work on your solar power system, excluding solar panel mounting.

More information on this here – Solar power systems – what you can and can’t do

Solar power specialists Greater Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast

Trust the Fallon Solutions team to cater to all your solar PV system needs. Contact our solar power specialists on 1300 054 488 or complete our online solar power enquiry form, and we’ll promptly get in touch with you. Enhance your energy efficiency with Fallon Solutions.

Solar FAQs

Solar panels actually present quite a low fire risk. It is very rare for solar panels to cause a fire. It’s more likely if you are unfortunate to have a fire caused by the solar system, that it was caused by the DC isolator or the solar inverter.

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Adding a solar power system to your home presents a great opportunity to save a bundle on your monthly power bills but also to do your bit for the environment. A new solar system can mean a significant financial investment, just like your car or your caravan it’s a good idea to protect yo…

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The most common reasons for a red light or error code to appear on a solar inverter are overheating, grid failure, or wiring issues. Overheating can occur when the solar inverter is exposed to high temperatures or is not installed in a well-ventilated area. For more information on error codes including Fronius, Growatt, Zeversolar, Goodwe, Eversolar and Sungrow

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