The link between the PCA & the WaterMark Scheme

Our plumbing team, as are the whole of the plumbing industry in Australia, are guided by the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA). The PCA, among other things, states which products are certified and authorised to be used in the plumbing systems of your home or business. This ensures that the components of your plumbing system are suitable for the job they’re installed to do.

The WaterMark Schedule of Products lists all the relevant plumbing and drainage products that are authorised for use in Australia. Some products are exempt from certification, however, most are listed.

Are your plumbing components certified?

Wondering if the parts your plumber just installed are up to scratch and compliant?

Each certified product carries the WaterMark logo as well as its WaterMark licence number and is listed on the WaterMark product database which can be accessed by anyone here –

The WaterMark Certification Scheme was set up in 1988 to ensure the products used in plumbing work and building were to a standard and the right part for the job needed to ensure they’ll stand the test of time and do what they’re needed to do.

Can you imagine one or more components of your plumbing system failing? What a mess!

Fallon Plumbing

Our plumbing team only use top quality products which carry the relevant WaterMark certification and licence. All parts can be verified through the WaterMark database.

More information

More information on the link between the PCA and WaterMark can be found on the Australian Building Codes Board website here –