Urgent announcement about house wiring

Did you know that around 6 million homes in Australia are over 20 years old? In a recent announcement from the Master Electricians Association, it has been revealed that there is a serious risk of electrocution and fires caused by short circuits.

If you have an older home it pays to have your local electrician check the house to ensure that you and your family are kept safe.

Some causes of electrical faults include:

  •  Mice or rats chewing cables
  •  Damage caused by tradespeople working in the roof space
  •  Ageing electrical fittings
  •  DIY electrical work

In addition to the above, homes built pre-1997 may not have smoke alarms installed. In order to ensure you can evacuate your property during a fire, it is essential to have a smoke alarm installed to be alerted to the danger.

CEO of the Master Electricians Association states “I urge all owners of older homes to call a local Master Electrician or licensed electrical contractor to arrange an inspection and a quote to ensure their homes are safe and their families are protected.”

Fallon Solutions have a team of qualified, trained electrical safety specialists who are Accredited Master Electricians. They can come to your property and carry out a safety check to help avoid damage to your property and its occupants.

Fallon Solutions range of electrical safety services include:

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