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Explore the latest in bathroom technology with Fallon Solutions’ smart toilet installation services. Say goodbye to your old, basic toilet and welcome the future of bathroom luxury. Our experienced plumbers can swiftly and efficiently install a complete smart toilet or upgrade your existing one with a smart toilet seat.

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Why Choose a smart toilet?

Smart toilets, also known as ‘washlets,’ originated in Japan and are now gaining popularity in Queensland households. These innovative fixtures offer advanced features such as auto soft open and close, precision auto flush, UV disinfection of washing water, warm hydro-air jet for drying, heated water, heated seat, MP3 music with adjustable volume, user-specific wash settings, water temperature and pressure control, odor-reducing technology, advanced ECO mode, and a self-cleaning nozzle.

Installation by Fallon Solutions

Our skilled plumbers ensure a seamless installation process, taking care of everything from the backflow prevention device to any necessary power requirements. Don’t let the advanced features overwhelm you–our team is here to guide you through the functionality of your new smart toilet.

Understanding Backflow Prevention

Backflow is the reverse flow of water that can contaminate the main water supply. Fallon Solutions focuses on the importance of backflow prevention to safeguard the water supply and protect your health. We conduct risk assessments to determine the level of hazard your property poses and install the necessary backflow prevention devices.

Backflow Prevention for Various Applications

Whether you have a rain tank, commercial or industrial equipment, fire systems, dishwashers, irrigation systems, smart toilets, bidets, spas, or wash bays, our team ensures your property complies with backflow prevention requirements.

Choose the Perfect Smart Toilet for Your Home

With a wide variety of smart toilet styles available, Fallon Solutions can help you choose the perfect fit for your household. Once you’ve made your decision, our team will handle the installation process, providing top-notch plumbing services as needed.

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