Clothes Dryer Safety

Clothes dryer safety

Did you know if you don’t maintain your clothes drier they can cause serious damage?

People should always take precautions when using clothes dryers. Extra care is needed when it comes to clothes drying appliances as not caring for your clothes drier properly can lead to fires.

While householders can clean the lint filter, exhaust duct, vent and exterior of the dryer, only a licensed electrical contractor can maintain and clean the interior of the dryer. Things to assist in the maintenance of your equipment:

  • manufacturer’s instructions are to be followed for installation and repairs.
  • read the manufacturer’s instructions before first use,
  • Keep the instructions in a handy spot filed for future reference;
  • clean the LINT filter EVERYTIME before use;
  • keep the area around the tumble dryer well ventilated and free of clothes or clutter;

Caution when tumble drying

Items that are unsafe your drier and potentially you are plastic, rubber or foam articles, items with metal reinforcing/fasteners, unwashed clothes or any items that have come in contact with oil-based products.  Remember clothing that has been exposed to petrol or flammable materials should also be kept away from the drier!

Avoid tumble-drying these products:

Oil-affected items

Do not tumble dry oil affected items!

Items spotted or soaked with vegetable oil, cooking oil, massage oil or finishing oil (e.g. linseed oil rags) constitute a fire hazard and should not be placed in a tumble dryer.

Highly flammable substances

If clothes are soiled with any of the following highly flammable substances they should not be placed in the dryer:

  • petrol or gasoline
  • dry-cleaning solvents
  • acetone
  • denatured alcohol
  • kerosene
  • home brands of spot removers turpentine
  • varnish and wood stains
  • wax and wax removers.
Plastic, rubber or foam articles to be avoided

Shower caps, babies waterproof napkin covers, rubber-backed articles, clothes fitted with foam rubber pads, pillows, goloshes and rubber-coated tennis shoes should not be dried in a tumble drier on a heat setting.

Foam rubber, latex foam or similar materials if exposed to heat can self ignite!  It is best to not place these items in a drier.

Metal reinforcing and fasteners

These are best avoided in the drier as they can become stuck.  It is best where possible to put these articles on a drying rack inside or on the clothesline.

Unwashed clothes is a NO-NO for the drier!

Never use the dryer to dry clothes that have not been washed. These clothes will have greater levels of grease and build up.