More than just a battery check

They usually stay unnoticed until something bad happens. They’re inconspicuous devices mounted to the ceiling and don’t get much attention. But when it really counts, smoke alarms are lifesavers and therefore absolutely essential – there’s no doubt about it. Because if they detect smoke in your home, you’ll know it.

But only… if they work properly. If they’re defective or their battery is dead, then how would you be alarmed in the event of a fire in your home?

Have your smoke alarms checked

April Fool’s day is coming up which is a reminder for everyone to check their smoke alarm batteries if you have smoke alarms with a replaceable battery!

If you’re not sure how to check them yourself, we can definitely help out and we’re just one call away!

For only $99 a Fallon Solutions licensed electrician will not only check your smoke alarm batteries but also perform a thorough compliance check of your smoke alarm system and provide recommendations on upgrades required. The inspection is conducted in accordance with the minimum Australian standards and the latest legislation. For compliant systems, we’ll provide a certificate for future reference.

Smoke alarm compliance check

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If you are concerned about your smoke alarms, give us a call and we can arrange for one of our licensed electricians to check them for you.