Tips to ensure you get the best aircon installer

Inclusive Quote: Have they allowed for extra cable length? Extra pipework? High set or low set? And have they allowed for any of the points below? If not how much extra will they charge once they arrive at your house and start work? Our air conditioning installation quote is fixed before we start with NO variations.

Best Brands: Ask about energy efficiency, inside & outside noise factors, after sales service, warranty, controls, is it the latest model or a run out?

Good Positioning: Right position and model – does it look good in your home and will it perform well? Is it the right size? Too large is as big a problem as too small, heat load due to sun and shadow.


Quality Electrical Connection: Is the circuit good quality cable or the cheapest available; Is the A/C connected to a safety switch? This is new legislation – it’s a legal requirement. Is the cable sizing adequate for the new types of air conditioner? Wiring rules have recently changed.

Compliant Drain: Is the drain legally compliant? Does it drain the condensation to stormwater? Termite management requires moisture to be dispersed away from the home.

Quality Brackets: Stop the unit falling to ground; If brackets are required are they of a quality that will last the life of the split system? Otherwise replacement mid-life is expensive.


Fire Safety & Pests: Will penetrations through the wall be sealed for fire safety and protect against vermin intrusion?

Corrosion Prevention: Will a corrosion inhibitor be offered?

Gecko Protection: Geckos in QLD love the warmth of a circuit board. Termites short circuit many air conditioners. Will gecko deterrent be offered?

Mould Prevention: Will a mould inhibitor be offered?

Fully Licenced & Insured: Many contractors do not have the required licences; ask them to show you their Arctic, Electrical and QBCC licences as well as public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Valid Warranty: The five-year warranty will be invalid, if not installed properly, we are called out weekly to rectify poor installations that have voided warranties.

Insulation Installation: Is the pipework insulated to save power?

Pipework Protection: Will your pipework be covered by industry leading ‘Aussie Duct’ products?

Service Reminders: Will your installer place a sticker on the outdoor unit with a reminder of the next service date for convenience to help maintain warranty?

Removal & Recycling: Will your contractor remove rubbish and the old unit and recycle it for free?

Asbestos Management: Will your installer protect your family from asbestos dust?

Safe Work System: Does your installer practice safe systems of working at heights?