Common TV reception problems

What causes disruptions to your TV reception?

Are you tired of the constant glitching and lack of signal that is caused by disruptions in the reception of your TV? There are a number of problems that can be caused by the cabling, antenna, TV antenna booster and mobile phones that may be the reason for a poor digital TV reception. This information article will provide you with the essential information regarding common TV reception issues.


A common cause of TV issues is cabling. When TV cabling is not connected to the antenna properly, it causes a faulty connection between the two and ultimately, a problematic signal. It is important that all connections of the cabling are secured tightly on both ends of the cable to ensure a constant connection. Also, deteriorated cables can cause issues regarding the connection however, these can be easily replaced by a data cabling professional.


Is your TV antenna not working? It could just be the way it is positioned. The position and orientation of an antenna can have a significant impact on the quality of the signal received by a TV. To ensure that your antenna is working to its maximum potential, aim the antenna toward your local TV tower which provides your area with the best coverage and have the antenna either horizontal or vertical to match the TV signals in your location. By receiving signals from the best provider and matching the local signal type, you should experience fewer interruptions when watching TV.

Check where your antenna was made. Australian made antennas are designed to function in Australian weather conditions and can handle interference from most wildlife. Other international antennas may not be designed to cope in these conditions and may not work properly in Australia.

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TV antenna booster

To overcome a weak signal, homeowners can install an antenna or signal booster, to amplify the signal received by the antenna. Although these boosters are made to increase the signal, sometimes they can cause issues in the reception of a TV. When the level of signal is too high, the amplifier may distort the signal it is receiving, which will result in a low quality reception. The booster must be properly connected to the main power source in order for it to work properly. Faulty boosters can cause a neighbourhood wide signal interference.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones emit an electronic signal that can interfere with the signal received by antennas and antenna boosters, causing signal problems. To overcome this problem, it is often best to install a filter on your antenna booster, which will prevent any signal disruptions caused by mobile phones. Do not install an antenna filter by yourself as it is very dangerous, contact a TV antenna professional to carry out the installation.

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