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MyAir is the latest in ducted air conditioning in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Redlands and Sunshine Coast

MyAir by Advantage Air is an air conditioning system for those wanting it all. This energy efficient system allows you to break your home or business into 10 cooling zones. By only targeting the rooms being used it ensures your air conditioner is working at it’s best and not wasting power cooling empty spaces.

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MyAir Advantage Air Conditioning System Features

Engineered to maximise cooling whilst minimising power consumption, the MyAir system comprises of several essential components.

MyAir Touch Screen

Giving you control at your fingertips the touch screen allows for the organisation of individual zones or rooms throughout your home or business from one central location. The system lets you adjust which rooms receive cooling, how much cooling they receive and for how long. The airflow to a zone or room can be fine-tuned in 10% increments to provide the perfect level of comfort.

The 10 zone structure is easily viewed and navigated through the colour touch screen program. The MyAir program can be upgraded to a synchronised iPhone app to allow you to set your air conditioner from anywhere. No more coming home to a hot house or forgetting to turn it off and wasting power running your air conditioner all day in an empty house.

MyAir Exact Air Regulator

This air conditioning network is all about CONTROL and the Exact Air Regulator makes it all possible. Designed with four opposed blades to regulate the rate of airflow into each zone this damper precisely distributes the cooling to your home. Awarded the Australian Design Mark award for innovation the Exact Air Regulator is cutting edge design ensuring a smooth, quiet air conditioning system.

Purtech Return Air Grille

Covered by a 10 year warranty the triple layer electrostatic filters provide 30% cleaner air by attracting particles and retaining them. Both the grill and filter have been designed for easy cleaning ensuring your system works efficiently. An optional LED warning light can be installed to alert you to a dirty filter.

Aircon ducting

Advanced insulation using high density polyester lining guards against over working of the air conditioner. Stainless steel spring inner coil adds to the strength and shape retention of the ducting. Meeting Australian fire, strength, mould and temperature standards the ducting comes with a 10 year warranty.

Advantage Air – Australian air conditioning

Advantage Air is an Australian company based in Western Australia, so they know all about the heat of summer. Established in 1990 Advantage Air takes pride in designing and manufacturing energy efficient products for the tough Aussie summer.

Fallon Solutions Air Conditioning Technicians can design and install an Advantage Air MyAir air conditioning system for your specific home or business needs.

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