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Instant or storage?

Gas hot water systems prices vary so it is important to first identify how many people will be using the hot water system, the number of outlets, and your budget so we can recommend a suitable product. Instant gas hot water systems have a number of advantages, with the main advantage being that it only heats water when needed, so isn’t affected by peak and off-peak rates.

This means that unless you run out of gas, you will never run out of hot water.



Things to consider about gas hot water systems

  • Gas hot water is better for the environment and helps lower the carbon footprint, compared to electric hot water.
  • Compared to an electric system a gas hot water system is cheaper to run.
  • Gas is either suitable for storage or instantaneous units
  • Excellent advantages if you have natural gas, no more filling up bottles.
  • Internal and external units are available.
  • If you don’t have natural gas available you will need to have storage for your gas cylinders/bottles.
  • Before purchasing you need to ensure the system will comply with the number of outlets (taps/showers etc).
  • Can get stuck if you have LPG and run out of gas and forget to order.

Fallon Solutions can help you choose the best gas water heater for your requirements and can install anywhere.

We supply and install all the leading brands

Fallon Solutions support all the major gas hot water brands including the following: 

Gas hot water system prices

Fallon Solutions is one of the largest installers of gas hot water heaters. As a result, we are able to get a range of brands and models at great prices which mean we can pass savings onto our customers. Not sure which hot water system will suit your needs? Contact us for a custom installation quote, ensuring you know the upfront price without any surprises. Trust Fallon Solutions for reliable and efficient hot water solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

We also offer a variety of other water heating options