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Explore the full potential of your solar system with Fallon Solutions’ reliable and reputable solar monitoring systems designed for your solar inverter. Monitoring your solar inverter, panels, or entire home system is crucial for optimising performance, and Fallon Solutions offers various monitoring options to ensure the efficiency of your solar system. Trust our experienced team in Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast to deliver both quality products and expert installations, providing peace of mind for your solar investment. We are Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA) approved installers and We Can Be There Today! We also provide 24/7 electrical emergency services to the Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Financing options are also available.

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What is a solar monitor?

A solar monitor is a comprehensive system that precisely tracks and monitors the performance of your solar power system. It captures essential data, including:

  • Energy generation.
  • Energy consumption.
  • Grid imports and/or exports.
  • Any damage to your system.
  • Battery levels if applicable.
  • Optimization of energy usage.

The depth of monitoring depends on the system in place, and our qualified solar technicians can guide you in choosing the right solution for your needs.

How does a solar monitoring system work?

A solar monitoring system is seamlessly connected to your solar setup, transmitting data, such as energy generation and consumption, to the internet. You’ll have access to this data through a secure login or a dedicated app, allowing you to monitor your solar system’s performance at any time.

Why install a solar monitor?

Fallon Solutions recommends installing a solar monitoring system for several reasons:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Gain insights into your home’s energy efficiency and work on improving it for maximum savings.
  2. Alerts: Receive real-time alerts for any irregularities in your solar system, ensuring prompt action in case of issues or performance drops.
  3. Safety: Regular monitoring helps identify and address system faults promptly, ensuring the safety of your home and those around you.
  4. Bill Explanation: Understand the factors contributing to changes in your electricity bills, whether they are increasing or decreasing.
  5. Tariff Management: Monitor your energy usage to determine applicable tariffs and optimize your electricity costs.

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Fallon Solutions solar monitoring options?

Choose from our diverse solar monitoring options tailored to your needs:

  1. Inverter Level Monitoring: Utilises the inverters built-in WiFi to link with an online app and shows system production. this gives the owner comprehensive monitoring, providing solar outputs and imports.
  2. Solar Panel Monitoring (Tigo Optimisers / Micro Inverters): Industry-leading Tigo solar panel monitoring offers detailed information at the panel level, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. Enphase micro inverter system also have the ability to individually monitor each panel.
  3. Whole House Monitoring: Install a metering-grade monitor scalable to monitor mains, solar, or up to 30 individual electrical circuits or simply link an energy monitor to your existing solar system (brand dependent) and view your overall production, consumption, import and export energy.


Why choose Fallon Solutions for Solar Monitoring?

Experience the Fallon Solutions advantage for your solar monitoring needs:

  • Industry Experience: Extensive experience in the solar industry, providing unique insights into the needs of homes in various areas.
  • Qualified Professionals: Our solar technicians are fully qualified professionals and Solar Accreditation Australia accredited.
  • Comprehensive Solar Services: We offer a full range of solar services tailored to your exact needs.
  • Prompt, Clean, and Professional: We prioritise promptness, cleanliness, and professionalism in every job we undertake.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Safety and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

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