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Unlock the full potential of your solar panels year-round with Tigo Solar Optimisers – a key to ensuring peak performance for your solar system. Fallon Solutions, your local solar specialists, are here to increase your energy efficiency, reduce electricity bills, and enhance the overall output of your solar PV system. Discover the benefits of Tigo Optimisers and why choosing Fallon Solutions for comprehensive installation services is a smart investment. We are Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA) approved installers and We Can Be There Today! We also provide 24/7 electrical emergency services to the Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Financing options are also available.

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What is a solar optimiser?

A solar optimiser, also known as a solar panel optimiser or module-level power electronics, is a crucial component designed to maximise the efficiency of your solar panels.

What does a Tigo Optimiser do?

A Tigo Optimisers, one of the best in the industry, ensure optimal system performance even when individual solar panels are shaded. In string-based solar systems, where one panel’s performance affects others, Tigo Optimisers prevent this issue, enabling panels to work independently. The Tigo system offers increased solar panel performance, enhanced safety with rapid panel-level shutdown, and comprehensive panel-level monitoring.

Why add a solar optimiser to your solar system?

Peak Performance: Individual panels operate at their best, even in shaded or obstructed conditions, ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Why choose a Tigo Optimiser?

Tigo is an industry leader specialising in top-quality solar inverters and panel optimisers. Known for reliable and durable products, Tigo Optimizers align with Fallon Solutions’ commitment to excellence in solar installations.

Why choose Fallon Solutions for your solar needs?

Experience the Fallon Solutions advantage for your solar requirements:

  • Established Reputation: An established and reputable company with years of industry expertise.
  • Top-Quality Products: We prioritize top-quality products for lasting and reliable results.
  • Qualified Professionals: Our solar technicians are fully qualified professionals and CEC-accredited solar installers.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We value your time, providing prompt communication about our arrival.
  • Safety and Satisfaction: Customer safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.


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Optimise your solar system for efficiency and savings with Tigo Solar Optimisers from Fallon Solutions.