Energy-Saving Devices

Need to save on your energy bills in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Redlands and Sunshine Coast

With the increasing cost of living, keeping energy costs under control while maintaining comfort is crucial. Discover our range of energy-saving devices tailored for the subtropical South East Queensland climate. From LED lighting solutions to water timers, we’ve got you covered.

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Energy-saving products

Let’s explore how these innovative products can help you beat the heat and save on energy bills.

LED Lighting: Lighting accounts for a significant portion of household energy consumption. Upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting to reduce your electricity usage and lower your bills. LED bulbs consume up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, making them a smart choice for South East Queensland homes. Not only do they use less power, but they also emit less heat, helping to keep your home cooler during those scorching summer days.

Water Timers: Water usage can spike during the hot season, especially for outdoor activities like gardening. Optimise your water usage with smart water timers. These devices allow you to schedule watering sessions for your garden or lawn, ensuring that you use water efficiently without wastage. By automating your irrigation system, you can avoid overwatering and reduce water bills while keeping your outdoor spaces lush and green.

Smart Thermostats: Maintain optimal indoor temperatures while minimising energy consumption with smart thermostats. These devices allow you to program your heating and cooling systems according to your schedule and preferences. With features like remote access and temperature sensing, smart thermostats ensure that you only use energy when needed, helping you save money without sacrificing comfort.

Hot Water Timers: If you have solar, a hot water timer could help maximise efficiency and savings. Solar hot water timers offer precise control over when your system operates, ensuring that you have hot water exactly when you need it while minimising energy consumption. They work by heating your system for the solar panels during the day when the suns rays are at their brightest.

We can also undertake an Energy Audit if you are not sure what you need.

If you’re seeking a more significant and long-term solution to energy savings, consider a solar PV (photovoltaic) system installation. South East Queensland enjoys excellent sunshine hours throughout the year, making it a prime location for solar power generation. A solar PV system converts sunlight into clean, renewable electricity, significantly reducing your reliance on the grid and lowering your electricity bills. We can assess your home’s suitability for solar and power requirements to design a solar PV system that meets not only your current and future electricity needs, but also your budget.

With energy costs on the rise, investing in energy-saving devices is more important than ever. From LED lighting to water timers and solar PV systems, these innovative products offer effective solutions for reducing energy consumption and lowering bills. Upgrade your home with these eco-friendly devices today and enjoy a cooler, more energy-efficient living space all year round.

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