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Ensure your solar power system is running efficiently, , and safely with a comprehensive $99 Solar Inspection from Fallon Solutions solar specialists. Our skilled team of accredited installers and solar electricians will conduct a thorough assessment of your solar PV system to ensure optimal performance and safety. Book your specialist solar inspection today in Brisbane, Ipswich, Redland and Morten Bays, Logan, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

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Why Solar Inspections Matter

Regular solar maintenance is crucial to prevent potential fires and ensure your system’s performance. Faulty components, deteriorating insulation, and poor installation can pose serious risks. Watch our video featuring our solar electrician Alan and homeowner Mick to learn more about the importance of our $99 solar performance and safety check.

DC Isolator Risks

Malfunctioning DC isolators can lead to electrical fires in solar PV systems. The risk arises due to various factors such as deterioration of insulation, exposure to harsh weather conditions, defective components, and poor installation practices. QFS reports and industry organisations indicate a rise in solar-related fire incidents across Australia. Factors contributing to this increase include the growing adoption of solar PV systems, aging installations, and inadequate maintenance practices.

Burns to solar panel caused by a faulty DC solar isolator found during an inspection


The Clean Energy Council has improved the safety of rooftop DC isolator switches by introducing additional installation requirements in the last 10 years. The Clean Energy Council recommends annual inspections to ensure the safety and performance of solar PV installations. Adhering to safety standards and industry best practices can help minimise risks and ensure the long-term reliability of solar energy systems.

Fires caused by faulty solar isolators are a major risk


Burnt out DC isolators are more common than you can imagine. Our solar technicians have found many burnt isolators during solar inspections and servicing.

Burn damage caused by a faulty DC isolator

Comprehensive Inspection checklist

Our $99 solar inspection includes a thorough assessment of key components:

Importance of regular solar inspections

Regular inspection and maintenance of solar PV systems are crucial to mitigate the risks associated with DC isolators and other components. Inspections can identify potential issues early, allowing for timely repairs or replacements to prevent accidents and ensure system efficiency.

Regular inspections can:

  • Detect faulty installations and unsafe components
  • Identify issues impacting power generation
  • Mitigate safety hazards and potential breakdowns
  • Reduce reliance on expensive mains power

Trustworthy Solar Services

Fallon Solutions boasts a team of fully licensed and Clean Energy Council accredited solar electricians committed to delivering reliable services in Brisbane, Ipswich, Redland and Morten Bays, Logan, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. With over 60 years of experience, our workmanship is guaranteed, and we stay updated with the latest practices to ensure a professional service.

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Ensure the efficiency and safety of your solar power system with Fallon Solutions’ $99 Solar Inspection. Schedule your inspection today by calling 1300054488 or complete our online solar inspection booking form today.