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The ‘In’s of drain pipe repair.

Several factors can lead to the need for drain repairs, many of which are preventable through basic maintenance. Addressing the “ins” helps minimise or eliminate the “outs.”

  1. Drain Salad: A common culprit is drain salad, a combination of kitchen sink debris. Prevent it by scooping out food scraps rather than washing them away, or use a plughole strainer.
  2. Hair Ball: Accumulation of hair and bathroom products can create a sticky mass in your drain. Regularly scoop out hair and use a plughole strainer to avoid hairball formation.
  3. Return to Sender: Items flushed down the toilet, especially by children, can cause drain issues. Use a drain sieve and keep bins near sinks to prevent such mishaps.

The ‘Outs’

The ‘outs’ involve various methods to fix a blocked drain, depending on the cause and location of the obstruction.

  1. Manual Clearing: Unblock sinks by unscrewing the piping underneath and manually clearing the blockage. However, this may not work for toilets or showers.
  2. Plungers and Augers: Unblock drains using plungers or drain augers. Effective if the blockage is within a meter or so of the opening.
  3. Chemical Solutions: Break down obstructions with chemical solutions, suitable for sinks, toilets, and showers. Use caution, wear safety gear, and work in well-ventilated areas.

If DIY methods fail, call a licensed plumber equipped with tools like a Plumbers Snake or Jet Rodder, reaching up to ten meters to handle blockages in a regular home.
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Clearing and repairing drains

For all your drain repairs and blocked drains, rely on Fallon Solutions . We offer comprehensive solutions for residential and commercial plumbing needs, ensuring efficient clearing of blocked drains, sewer pipes, and stormwater drains.