Security Alarm Service & Repairs

Specialist commercial & home alarm repair & servicing

Fallon Solutions security specialists are on hand to carry out security alarm repairs and servicing for a huge range of alarm brands across the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Keeping your alarm system in efficient working condition is essential to ensuring your home or business is fully protected. Routine alarm servicing can identify potential issues before they cause system faults or affect the integrity of your security system.

We install and service Paradox and Hikvision alarms, along with other brands listed below.

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Bosch alarm service & repair

Our security technicians can look after all of your Bosch Alarm System service, repair and maintenance requirements. Our team are trained to service and repair the following Bosch security systems:

    • Bosch Solution 6000
    • Bosch Solution 3000
    • Bosch Solution 2000
    • Bosch Solution 16i
    • Bosch Solution 16+
    • Bosch Solution 144
    • Bosch Solution 16
    • Bosch Solution 862
    • Bosch Ultima 880

Bosch alarm keypad

DSC alarm service & repair

We cover the DSC alarm system servicing and repairs, including these systems:

    • DSC PC 1575
    • DSC PC 1565
    • DSC Alexor
    • DSC Neo

DSC alarm keypad

Ness alarm system service and repairs

Maintenance and servicing of your Ness alarm system can be taken care of by our security technicians. We service these Ness alarms:

  • Ness D8
  • Ness D16
  • Ness D8XCEL
  • Ness M1
Ness alarm system

Hills alarm system servicing

Fallon Solutions security specialists can look after your Hills Alarm System repairs and servicing requirements throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We cover the following Hills alarm models:

  • Hills Reliance R8
  • Hills Reliance R128
  • Hills Reliance R12
  • Hills Reliance R4
  • Hills Reliance XR
  • Networx NX8
  • Networx NX4
  • Networx NX16
Hills alarm system

Ademco alarm repairs and service

Your Ademco alarm system service and repairs covered by our experienced team of security professionals. We work with these Ademco alarm systems:

  • Ademco Vista 10
  • Ademco Vista 20
  • Ademco Vista 50
  • Ademco Vista 12
  • Ademco Vista 48
Ademco alarm system

C&K alarm repair and service

Our security alarm repair and servicing technicians can take care of your C&K alarm maintenance. We cover these C&K security alarm models:

  • C&K 236
  • C&K 238
  • C&K 2316
  • C&K Sierra
C&K alarm system keypad