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Sports Field Lighting

Specialists in LED sports field lighting design & installation

Australian Sports Lighting Solutions specialises in the design and installation of sports lighting systems throughout Queensland and New South Wales. We pride ourselves on offering top quality turnkey lighting solutions covering everything from lighting audits, lighting design and installation to commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

Our team offers completely customised sports ground lighting systems for facilities and venues of all sizes. Get started on your sports lighting project by getting in contact with our team today on 1300 054 488 or enquire here.

Energy efficient sports field lighting systems

Even, generous illumination across the sports arena allows players to easily move around the sports field and accurately perform during the game as well as providing spectators with a great viewing experience. This is achieved through intensive consultation with field managers and sporting groups as well as experienced assessment of the facility and the requirements of use throughout the year.

The Australian Sports Lighting Solutions team carry out an extensive assessment process during the consultation and planning stages of your sports lighting project to ensure all needs are met and an effective lighting system solution is achieved.

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Just a few of the factors to consider when planning a sports field lighting system:

  • Spill lighting into neighbouring properties
  • Glare management for players and spectators
  • The type of sport played or events held at the sports ground eg – Soccer, Hockey, AFL, Rugby, CricketTennis, Football, Baseball etc
  • Level of competition- amateur or professional
  • Energy Efficiency of the sports field lighting
  • Budget of the Sporting Club or Venue
  • Required Lighting of scoreboards, sponsor’s signage, grandstands, etc
  • The use of the grounds for other events such as markets, music festivals, fetes, training or off season sports.

Each local area may have unique aspects such as surrounding nature reserves, residential or commercial areas, council requirements which need to be taken into account when designing a suitable lighting system.

Sports Field Lighting | LED | Stadium | QLD & NSQ

Your local sports field lighting specialists

Getting trusted professional help when upgrading sports field lighting or installing a new application is essential. Australian Sports Lighting Solutions has an experienced team of lighting engineers, structural specialists, and electrical engineers who manage and carry out our outdoor sports field lighting projects throughout QLD and NSW recreational facilities.

If your club or sporting facility is looking for a sports lighting installation or upgrade specialist contact our team at 1300 054 488 or complete our sports lighting quote request form today.