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Handy Hints Videos

Handy Hints Ep 6

Handy Hints Episode 6: Don’t let your fridge secretly waste your energy and money!

Your fridge produces cold air to keep the contents cool, and it’s the fridge door se...
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Handy Hints Ep 5

Handy Hints Episode 5: The Secret to Lowering Your Energy Bills and Keeping Cool

Did you know that the air inside our homes can sometimes be more polluted than the air out...
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Handy Hints Ep 4

Handy Hints Episode 4: Unveiling the Earth Electrode, Your Home’s Safety Guardian

Meet the earth electrode! Crafted from materials like copper, this unassuming device redir...
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Handy Hints Ep 3

Handy Hints Episode 3: Don’t Risk a Freezing Shower This Winter!

Did you know about the certain periodical checks that your hot water system requires to ma...
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Handy Hints Ep2

Handy Hints Episode 2: Do you know what the best hot water temperature settings are?

🚰 To comply with Australian Standards (AS3500) and ensure hot water temperature regulat...
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Handy Hints Ep 1 flexi hose

Handy Hints Episode 1: Burst flexi hoses can flood your home in 24 hours!

Find out why flexi hoses fail and how to prevent it. Our home inspections identify rusted ...
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Fallon Cares – Queensland Koala Society

For this year’s Fallon Cares Christmas initiative, over 25 tradespeople and office w...
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Insinkerator: Insink Garbage Disposal

An Insinkerator offers a quick and efficient way to deal with food waste. Find out more ab...
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How to pick the right type of LED downlights

[00:04] MickBoris when it comes to choosing LED downlights there are many options, there a...
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