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At Fallon Solutions, our experienced security team specializes in comprehensive intercom system installation, repair, and servicing for properties across Brisbane. Utilising a diverse range of top-quality and reliable intercom brands, we offer security options tailored to every property, whether large or small. Our range includes wired and wireless models, audio and video options, gate or front door stations, ensuring we find the perfect solution for your business or home security needs.

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What is an intercom?

An intercom is a two-way communication system that enables you to speak or communicate visually, for video systems, with someone before granting them access to your property. Additionally, intercoms provide inter-building communication systems, allowing family members or staff to communicate with individuals in other areas of the building. These systems can be integrated with access control systems enabling remote door or gate opening.

Types of intercom systems

  • Voice intercoms – Audio-only systems featuring voice communication, often associated with the apartment-style ‘buzzer.’
  • Video intercoms – Systems that allow hosts to view and confirm the identity of visitors, available in both wired and wireless options.
  • IP / Wifi intercoms – Wireless intercoms leveraging wifi networks for extended range without cables.
  • GSM / 4G / Mobile phone network intercom – Wirelessly operated through mobile phones, utilizing 4G or mobile networks for remote viewing and access.
  • Wired intercom & access – Used in environments where wireless networks may pose security risks, providing increased security.

Intercom Applications

Intercom systems have diverse applications, serving purposes in home security, multi-storey building security, schools, and commercial settings.

Benefits and Access Control

Enhance home security with a video intercom doorbell installation, providing peace of mind against theft and unwanted guests. Modern intercoms often integrate with access control systems, configuring access for gates and doors through electronic or magnetic locks.

Professional Intercoms in Brisbane and Gold Coast

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