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Looking for a reliable ducted air conditioning solution that will keep your home cool/warm and comfortable all year round? Daikin and Fallon Solutions have got you covered. We offer top-quality Daikin ducted air conditioners that are perfect for whole-home or commercial property cooling and heating. Daikin ducted units are quiet and energy-efficient, making them an excellent choice for families or businesses who want to save on their energy bills while maintaining indoor comfort.

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Why choose a Daikin ducted air conditioner?

A ducted air conditioning system is one of the most efficient and effective ways of cooling and heating your home. You can set up different zones throughout your house and then choose what zones you want cooled or heated. An example of this might be a zone for the living area and one for the bedrooms. When you go to bed you simply change the cooling/heating from the living area zone to the bedroom zone.

Your Daikin ducted system can be easily controlled from one central Daikin Zone Controller, which allows you to adjust the climate control for each area of the home at the touch of a button.

A Daikin Inverter ducted air conditioning unit is more powerful and more energy efficient than non- inverter models. Our inverters adjust the power to suit your actual requirements, meaning you will have a comfortable temperature whilst being energy efficient.

Is ducted air conditioning right for your home?

Our team of experienced Daikin aircon technicians can help you choose the ideal ducted design for your home and budget, and we offer competitive pricing on all of our services.

Daikin ducted air conditioning is regarded as one of the best ducted air conditioning systems on the Australian market. As an “Authorised Daikin Dealer”, Fallon Solutions is the smart choice to supply and install your Daikin ducted air conditioning system. We also provide all the trades needed for a professional installation, meaning you are not dealing with different businesses or having to manage juggling various trades.

10 great reasons to install a Daikin ducted aircon system

  1. 5-year warranty
  2. Superior build quality
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Authorised Dealers are trained to ensure the highest standard of installation
  5. Daikin work towards sustainable development, meaning you can rest assured you are helping the environment
  6. Daikin pride themselves on after sales support
  7. Daikin is a market leader with Australian manufacturing facilities
  8. Daikin is the only air conditioning company that can display the “Sensitive Choice Butterfly” symbol. An initiative of the National Asthma Council Australia.
  9. Daikin has a comprehensive range of units to suit your every need
  10. Daikin are specialists in ducted air conditioning. Air conditioning is all they do.

Daikin Airbase app allows you to control your ducted air conditioning from anywhere. Ask us about this great add-on to your air conditioner installation.


All the big brands in ducted air conditioning

Whilst we are a Daikin Authorised Dealer, we also supply, install and service all the major brands of ducted air conditioning systems. Some of the main brands we service are:

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