Daikin Airbase

Control your Daikin ducted aircon from anywhere with Airbase app

Daikin Aibase allows you to control your Daikin ducted air conditioning system remotely through your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) via your Wi-Fi system or internet.

The Airbase app can also pair with your smart home device such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa to offer voice control for your ducted aircon.

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Daikin Airbase Air Conditioning Controller

Through a BRP15B61 adaptor which is fitted to your ducted heat pump air conditioner, your phone and the Airbase app becomes the control centre for your air conditioning system. The Airbase system takes the place of the Daikin Airbase app, offering updated functionality for homeowners.

Daikin Airbase app – image Daikin


The system can be connected directly and used in your home using Daikin Airbase as a Wi-Fi access point if you don’t have a home Wi-Fi network. It can be used through your home Wi-Fi network connection or by remote access through your Wi-Fi’s permanent internet connection.

This great new Airbase system allows you to:

  • turn your air conditioner on or off
  • monitor temperatures
  • change the mode vary the fan speed
  • turn the timer on or off control different zones*
  • custom name zones* – ie bedrooms, living, office etc set a
  • clean filter reminder

* If this feature is fitted to your air conditioner.

Daikin Airbase compatibility

The Daikin Airbase is compatible with all new Daikin ducted air conditioners at installation and most older Daikin ducted heat pump air conditioners.

The Daikin Airbase app is available free through Google Play or the App Store store. Remote Access enabled Airbase will automatically receive system updates and latest features.

For more information on Daikin Airbase visit Daikin – daikin.com.au

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