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Daikin light commercial air conditioning solutions in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Redlands and Sunshine Coast

The Daikin SkyAir light commercial air conditioner range offers practical and versatile climate control solutions for businesses. The split system and ducted aircon range are ideal for smaller commercial spaces such as offices, shops, and restaurants. Fallon Solutions can take care of the installation, repairs, and routine maintenance of the full Daikin SkyAir range throughout Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast.

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Daikin commercial air conditioner range

Daikin’s SkyAir range offers a selection of split system and ducted air conditioners perfect for a huge selection of commercial applications. For professional advice on which aircon system would work best for your workplace speak to our Daikin specialists.


Daikin SkyAir Slim-Line Ducted Aircon

Designed to fit in narrow ceiling spaces or under the floor, this Daikin ducted aircon system is ideal for light commercial properties or medium-density apartments. Features include:

  • Flexible zoning options
  • Energy efficient operation – exceeds the MEPS requirements
  • Discreet climate control for the whole building
  • Easy to use controller with timers, quick cool/heat mode, and temperature control at your fingertips
  • Control remotely using Daikin SkyAir or Airbase apps
  • Compact and lightweight indoor unit

Daikin SkyAir wall mounted split system

These versatile reverse cycle split system air conditioners offer easy installation and increased flexibility for use in a variety of applications from hotel rooms to individual offices. Features include:

  • 5.0kW to 10.0kW options
  • Powerful operation with longer airflow for increased comfort
  • Up to 50 operation range for effective cooling on even the hottest summer days
  • Compact, space saving outdoor unit ideal for properties with limited outdoor areas
  • Simple installation for minimal disruption to your business operations
  • Auto airflow rate matches load level ensuring optimum comfort all day and night

Daikin SkyAir ceiling suspended split system

Perfect for installation where wall space is at a premium, the Daikin ceiling suspended split systems offer advanced cooling for larger spaces. Features include:

  • Can be used effectively to ceiling heights of 4.3m.
  • Wide-angle louvre.
  • Verticle auto swing function.
  • Demand control function helps keep operating costs down.
  • Quick start function for cooling or heating your workplace fast before workers or customers arrive.
  • 5.0kW to 14.0kW size options.

Daikin SkyAir cassette air conditioners

Featuring the signature Daikin round airflow design, the Round Flow Cassette and the discrete Fully Flat Cassette design these air conditioners offer stylish and versatile heating and cooling for advanced staff and customer comfort.

  • Premium inverter option offers increased energy efficiency.
  • 5.0kw to 14.0kW size options for installation in small to large spaces.
  • Antibacterial air filter to maintain clean air throughout your workplace.
  • Optional presence and floor temperature sensors for the ultimate in comfort and efficiency.
  • Auto draft prevention in heating mode.
  • High ceiling application – delivering air conditioned comfort all the way to the floor.

Daikin Airbase mobile control app

The Daikin Airbase app, used in conjunction with the Daikin wireless LAN adaptor, allows you to easily control your air conditioning from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Turn the aircon on or off, adjust the temperature of the room, or troubleshoot errors with ease using the Daikin Airbase app.

Find out more about the complete Daikin SkyAir light commercial air conditioning range here – Daikin SkyAir Brochure

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