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Fallon Solutions are ducted air conditioning experts. They have been providing reliable ducted air conditioners for over 60 years.

Ducted air conditioning systems are used to cool multiple rooms through a large fan, which sits outside and pumps air around the building through ducts. Ducts are usually housed in the ceiling cavity, but can be mounted underneath the house.


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Advantages of ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning can be more expensive to supply and install compared to the more common split system air conditioners, so why should you consider spending the extra initial investment?
Following are the main reasons and advantages of a good ducted air conditioning system:

Ducted air con does a better job of cooling down a room. It can cool a room quicker and maintain a more consistent temperature with no hot and cold spots.
It’s generally quieter as the compressors and fans are located away from the room, unlike a split where the fan is located in the room.
This style of air conditioner disperses the air throughout the room better through the use of multiple vents (if needed) so you don’t get that annoying concentration of air blowing onto you. Generally more energy efficient if cooling several rooms at once as it uses one compressor instead of several.
Ducted Air Conditioning has better aesthetics as you only need some vents that can be mounted flush to the ceiling.

Ducted supply and installation services

We can offer a range of different brands and size ducted air conditioner units that will suit your budget and size property. Our air conditioning department can handle the entire ducted aircon installation project from the design through to the installation and commissioning.

Ducted aircon service and repairs

In addition to supplying new ducted air conditioners our technicians can also replace rusted brackets, air conditioning motors- fans and pumps, repair duct work, and even re-configure duct work.

To ensure that your ducted air conditioner is working when you need it most we recommend that you have regular maintenance carried out. This can help avoid expensive repairs down the track; simple things like cleaning filters can increase the life of the air conditioning unit.

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Popular ducted air con brands:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Temperzone
  • Actron
  • Panasonic
  • Fancoil Industries
  • Uniaire
  • Samsung

Ducted Air Conditioning Brands

Fallon Solutions also install and service – single split system air conditioners and multi head system air conditioners.