What is sleep mode in an air conditioner?

It is hard to imagine life without air conditioners, isn’t it? Air conditioners are an essential part of our lives. The technology has improved immensely in the last 10 years and modern air conditioners have much more advanced features than the old window rattlers. Aside from cool mode and power saver mode, there are other features that can make your life so much easier and more comfortable. For example, sleep mode can help you to sleep better and also save electricity. In this article, we will discuss the different air conditioner modes, including sleep mode – how it works, and its benefits.

Different air conditioner modes

The different modes of aircon units can include (depending on the model):

  1. Cool Mode – It is the default mode that is used to cool the room at the desired temperature.
  2. Dry Mode – In humid days, the dry mode can be used to remove the extra humidity from the air.
  3. Fan Mode – In this mode, the fan is on however the compressor is off. This mode doesn’t produce any cooling effect
  4. Sleep Mode – The sleep mode regulates the temperature so as to keep you comfortable through the different stages of your sleep.
  5. Power Saver Mode – This mode saves electricity and turns off the compressor when the temperature is reached in the thermostat.
  6. Quick Cooling Mode – As the name suggests, it is used to cool the room quickly. Note, that more electricity is consumed by the aircon to raise the temperature when using this setting.

How does sleep mode in air conditioners work?

Our bodies can cool down easily but it is harder for the body to warm up. Once we are asleep, we don’t require that much cooling. In sleep mode, the aircon unit will regulate the temperature of the room and increase the temperature by 0.5- 1 degrees Celsius in an hour, up to a maximum of 3 degrees Celsius per hour.

This setting ensures the aircon unit keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Some high-end models also have intelligent motion sensors which can detect your movement during sleep. So if you are tossing or turning in the bed or sleeping peacefully, it will either increase or decrease the temperature of the room.

Benefits of using sleep mode in an air conditioner

Sleep mode offers various benefits like:

  1. Regulating the temperature of the room for comfort.
  2. Economical and energy efficient operation throughout the night

How to run your air conditioner efficiently?

  • Use the sleep mode of your aircon to maximise your comfort.
  • Maintain the temperature of the thermostat at 24 degrees Celsius in summers and 18 degrees Celsius in winters.
  • Use reverse cycle air conditioners for heating your room in winter.
  • Close the rooms not being used while you are using the aircon.
  • Get your aircon serviced regularly by professional aircon technicians regularly.

Contact your local air conditioning experts

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