Air Conditioning Cleaning

Why Regular Air Conditioning Servicing Matters

After regular use, microbial contamination, including fungi, mold, and bacteria, builds up in home and office air conditioning systems. This contamination becomes airborne every time you switch on your air conditioner, posing health risks, especially when combined with humidity.

While cleaning the filters is essential maintenance, the entire head unit requires thorough cleaning after regular usage to maintain air quality and prevent health issues. We recommend this a least twice a year.

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Understanding Air Conditioning Operation

Air conditioning systems draw air from rooms through return grills, passing it through filters and into the air handler. Inside the air handler, a circulating fan and evaporator coil remove heat from the air. Moisture condenses on the evaporator surfaces and drains out of the system.

Sources of Contamination

Air drawn into the system contains dust and biological spores, which accumulate on heat transfer surfaces. Combined with water, these spores germinate and grow rapidly, posing indoor air quality concerns.

Common Symptoms of Contamination

Contaminated air conditioning systems can trigger asthma attacks, allergies, fatigue, sore throat, respiratory problems, headaches, and frequent colds or flu-like symptoms.

The Importance of Professional Cleaning

While cleaning filters helps, mold and bacteria thrive in inaccessible areas like the indoor coil and drain pan. Professional cleaning with environmentally friendly products is essential to remove contaminants and reduce recontamination rates.

Benefits of Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning improves system efficiency, reduces power consumption, and extends the lifespan of air conditioning units by preventing corrosion caused by microbial secretions.

Frequency of Cleaning

For optimal performance, split system air conditioning units should be cleaned at least once every 12 months, ideally every 6 months with heavy usage. Seasonal cleanings, especially before summer and winter, are recommended.

Fallon Solutions air conditioning service

Our technicians strip down air conditioning systems, removing contamination from filters, coils, drain pans, and air grills. We use advanced, environmentally friendly cleaning products and offer tailored maintenance programs to meet your indoor air quality and budget needs.

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