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Mitsubishi Electric has been producing high-quality air conditioners for Australia since 1967. All air conditioning products and equipment made by the company using the latest technologies to give you the optimum level of comfort, energy efficiency and soundless operation.

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Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner features

Mitsubishi Electric is so confident of their company’s quality standards they offer a 5-year parts and labour warranty to leave you with peace of mind long after your air conditioning system has been installed.

Fallon Solutions is a Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Diamond Dealer

Ultra Quiet Operation

Mitsubishi air conditioners are some of the quietest on the market, operating at a noise level of around 19 decibels at the indoor unit. (To compare, the ambient noise level in a library is around 30 decibels.) Technological advances in the multi-angled heat exchanger, modified fin shape, and large diameter fan have enabled the air conditioner to run efficiently whilst providing greater airflow at lower speeds.

Advanced Air Cleaning System

The exclusive Catechin air cleaning filter prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses while freshening the quality of the room air. The Plasma Duo Filter System gives advanced air purification and deodorisation filters that extract bad odours and pollutants from the air.

Quick Cleaning Design

Regular cleaning of your indoor air conditioning unit can increase cooling efficiency and reduce the power it uses by up to 30%. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are designed to be easy to clean.
The modular internal structure has self-maintenance features and is developed to be 90% cleanable.

Long and Wide Airflow

Select models feature specially designed horizontal vanes to distribute air in long and wide airflow patterns, spreading the cooled air into all corners of the room. These units can extend the cooling to a reach of up to 12 meters, catering for much larger rooms.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units

Fallon Solutions Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer and can supply and install these units:

  • Wall mounted air conditioning units
  • Console split systems
  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Multi Head split system air conditioners
  • Bulkhead air conditioners
  • Ceiling mounted air conditioners
  • Compact SUZ-M Series outdoor units

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