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Top quality Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning systems for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Redlands and Sunshine Coast

Fallon Solutions is a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, our technicians trained to provide expert advice to assist you in choosing the best ducted aircon layout for your home or office. With a full range of ducted air conditioning from Mitsubishi Electric can be designed with zone control and are well suited to multi-room solutions. Climate control can be at the touch of the button to suite the room functionality and space.

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Fallon Solutions is a Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Diamond Dealer

In preparation for your Mitsubishi ducted air conditioner quote from our qualified technicians it is useful to have an idea of the following:

  • The size property/zones you are looking to duct
  • Your properties current insulation
  • Window and door sizes
  • Natural air flow to the space
  • External climate
  • Location for external equipment
  • Your budget

Is ducted air conditioning right for your home?

Is a ducted air conditioning system or multiple split system reverse cycle air con right for Queensland homes? Lee Carseldine talks with air conditioning technician Av from Fallon Solutions about the pros and cons of both, and the ducted aircon installation process.

Latest Mitsubishi ducted air conditioner technology

Mitsubishi ducted air conditioners utilise the latest technology to ensure their products are constantly setting the benchmark for quality. They are constantly improving their products as technology evolves. The new range of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners feature:

  • Improved LCD remote controls for system operation
  • Compact design for ease of installation in the ceiling
  • Improved efficiency of heat exchanger
  • Quieter than previous models

Mitsubishi ducted air con range

Installing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHIAA) or a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning will add value to your home or office. Fallon Solutions can handle all your Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning installations, supply, service and repair. Contact our office at 1300 054 488 for any advice on air conditioning and one of our skilled tradesmen will assist.

We have been providing ducted air conditioning solutions for over 60 years and if you are looking to purchase a new system we will give you a quote.

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If you require a ducted air conditioning system more than 22 kW take a look at our Mitsubishi Commercial range.

All major brands of ducted air conditioners

We also supply, install, service and repair all the Daikin and Haier ducted air conditioning systems.