How to maintain your deck

We can all agree that a beautifully polished and well-maintained timber deck, whether it’s surrounding a glistening pool or the flooring on a patio adds a certain charm to any home, and makes entertaining so much more enjoyable, so it’s no surprise timber decking is the most traditional surface for outdoor areas.

Your deck is an important part of your home. It’s where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, glorious sunlight and refreshing summer breezes. It’s well documented that spending time outdoors is beneficial for our health and well-being, not only in the summer months but also in the cooler months, so needless to say it’s important to keep your deck looking its best all year round.

Timber deck with gardening equipment

As outdoor living and entertaining have become a big part of our Australian lifestyle, a beautiful well-maintained outdoor area is extremely inviting.

Many families tend to spend endless hours outside, relaxing by the pool or firing up the BBQ and enjoying dining outside.

With this in mind, your deck is now seen as an extension of the living area in our homes, therefore, as we would keep the inside of our home clean and tidy, your deck will require the same attention and regular maintenance.

In addition, a beautiful deck can increase the value of your home.<

Things that can ruin your deck

  • Using a pressure washer
  • Leaving wet items to sit on your deck for any length of time
  • Don’t use metal shovels or wire brooms
  • Using bleach or chlorine cleaners
  • Make sure your potted plants have saucers under them, to avoid moisture from watering from ruining your deck.
  • Never place a fire pit on your deck
  • Don’t let dirt and debris accumulate
  • Don’t paint the deck, always use the recommended stain and oil

DIY deck maintenance

  • To keep your deck looking its best, the building industry recommends once every 6-12 months apply oils or stains, but before you do you must sand the deck as it must be smooth, clean and free from debris.
  • For general deck maintenance, it is also recommended that you sweep and wash your deck weekly, to keep it free of dirt, pollen and debris
  • Remember to do regular checks for any rot or cracks.
Outdoor entertaining area with timber deck

FYI deck or timber patio maintenance checklist

  •  replacing rotten or broken decking boards
  •  repair or replace rotten bearers or joists
  •  replace or repairing rusted steel posts
  •  repairs to timber stairs and supports
  •  replace or repair handrails and balustrades
  •  deck sanding
  •  deck renovations – repainting, oiling or varnishing

Do I need a carpenter for deck maintenance & repairs?

Are you unsure if your deck needs a simple repair or something more major?

If it feels spongy or wobbly when you walk on it, that could be a sign of structural damage such as sunken foundations, and old, faulty or poorly installed joists and beams. It’s important to check your deck regularly for dampness, the presence of insects, and damage and thoroughly check for any structural damage, especially after storms and floods.

General maintenance can be done by the homeowner, however, when it comes to structural repairs it’s best to contact your local carpenter, as they have the experience and knowledge to get your deck back to tip-top condition. A repair done correctly will save you money in the long run, and give you peace of mind against any injuries or future major damage.

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Routine deck maintenance

It’s to your advantage to keep your deck in tip-top condition, not only for appearance and safety reasons, and to ensure its longevity, this will save you money in the long run.