How to fix a drain under the house

Drainage solutions for under a home

Having a broken drain is a huge inconvenience for any home, which is why it is important to know how to get it fixed correctly. The best method of repairing a drain will vary depending on the type of pipe repair and where the pipe is located. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about how to fix a broken drain under the house.

What is the best method for fixing pipes below a home?

When a pipe located underneath your house is broken, it can seem impossible for a plumber to access and repair the damaged pipe without digging straight down through your floor. Fixing a drain positioned in such a difficult area to access can also be very intimidating due to the expensive cost of digging and the high risk of accidentally damaging other nearby pipes.

To avoid large expenses and digging altogether, plumbers use the modern drain repair method of pipe relining to fix damaged drains.

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What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is a drainage solution that provides you with a non-intrusive, reliable drain repair method that is used for a number of underground pipes. The method involves feeding a resin pipe liner through the damaged pipe, which is then inflated to match the shape of the pipe and cured to solidify, adding a new reinforced layer to the drain. This inner layer provides you with a brand new pipe without having to completely replace the existing pipes.

What are the benefits of pipe relining?

The pipe relining process involves minimal digging, so there is no need to worry about the huge cost of hiring large machinery. This method can generally be carried out in less than a day, which means that you and your family can go about your daily lives without the inconvenience of a time-consuming drain repair.

Instead of creating more work by digging up and replacing old piping, pipe relining works by creating a new inner layer for existing pipes which increases their durability and lifetime. This reduces the amount of labour required to complete a drain repair, lowering the overall cost and time of the job.

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