Stormwater & Sewer Pipe Repairs

Effective solutions for stormwater drainage & sewer pipe issues

Ensure your stormwater drains and sewer pipes function optimally with Fallon Solutions’ practical and comprehensive repair services. While these systems typically operate smoothly during regular conditions, heavy rain and flooding can expose vulnerabilities, leading to potential water damage if not addressed promptly
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Common Causes of Drainage Issues:

  • Cracked pipes
  • Tree roots
  • Broken pipes
  • Damaged or cracked boundary traps
  • Illegal system connections
  • Poorly fitted blocked inspection holes
  • Property location in low-lying areas

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Symptoms of Drainage Problems:

  1. Water Accumulation: Keep an eye out for water accumulation inside or around your property, especially in low-lying areas or underneath elevated houses.
  2. Unusual Smells: Unpleasant odors may indicate sewer pipe or stagnant stormwater issues, potentially hidden underground.
  3. Toilet Water Level Changes: Notice changes in water levels or slow drainage in toilets, signalling potential sewer pipe problems.
  4. Strange Sounds: Pay attention to unusual sounds from underground plumbing, such as sudden rushing water or gurgling, which may indicate problems or partial blockages.

water and gurgling. If you hear unusual noises then it is likely there is a problem.

Maintaining your stormwater drain – video


Watch our informative video to learn about residential stormwater drain solutions, including the benefits of installation and proper maintenance. Fallon Solutions plumber Elijah and Mick discuss stormwater drainage solutions, featuring the installation of a channel drain to redirect water away from the house.Sewage and Storm Drainage Solutions

Given the seriousness of stormwater drainage and sewer pipe issues, seeking expert help is crucial. Water damage can compromise your home’s structural integrity and pose health and environmental risks. If you suspect problems with your stormwater drains or sewer pipes, contact Fallon Solutions for reliable stormwater drainage solutions.

Don’t wait for issues to arise—implementing an effective stormwater drainage and sewer pipes maintenance program can save you from costly repairs and sewage or stormwater flooding. Trust Fallon Solutions for proactive and expert solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of your family.