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Blocked drains are a major inconvenience, causing disruptions in homes and businesses. They can lead to stormwater or raw sewage backups, affecting properties, lawns, and even causing foul smells and power cuts. Clearing blocked drains is crucial for community flood prevention, as demonstrated after the Brisbane floods. Our efficient drainage solutions ensure a quick resolution to these issues.

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Clearing blocked drains and sewer pipes is a critical aspect of a community flood prevention and reduction strategy. After the Brisbane floods we all learnt what a major disruption floods can be to businesses and how important adequate drainage is to the health of our communities.

Water Jetters for effective Drain Clearing

Our cutting-edge water jetters drain cleaning machine uses high-pressure water force to remove grease, grunge, and obstructions from blocked drains and sewer pipes. This time-efficient and cost-effective method fully flushes out any culprits causing the blockage, offering a reliable solution.

Plumbing snake (Electric Eel)

Fallon Solutions utilises a plumbing snake, also known as an electric eel, to cut up and break down objects causing blockages. This tool is effective in unblocking drains, clearing away foreign objects and built-up matter that may reduce pipe diameter. The spinning blades break up blockages, allowing the plumbing snake to clear the drain as it is removed.

Drain Camera Inspection System

Our advanced CCTV drain camera equipment provides a thorough inspection of drainage systems to investigate blocked drains. This system not only helps locate blockages but also visualizes any pipe damage, its location, and depth. This information guides our plumbers in choosing the appropriate method, be it a plumbing snake or water jetters, for clearing blocked drains. The CCTV drain camera ensures a job well done and helps identify damaged or broken pipes for targeted repairs.

Benefits of CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

Regular maintenance, including clearing debris from gutters and downpipes every six months, can prevent blockages. Our CCTV inspection system offers a comprehensive drain check, identifying structural issues and preventing unexpected blockages. Early detection and action significantly reduce the need for expensive drain cleaning and repairs, saving you money and inconvenience.

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