Ceiling Fans – how to choose

Points to consider when buying a new ceiling fan in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Redlands and Sunshine Coast

Tips on how to choose a ceiling fan for your home. Expert advice from Fallon Solutions electricians to help you select the perfect ceiling fan for inside and outside your house.

Decide where you want to install the fan – bedroom, deck or living area?

The majority of fans are strategically positioned in the centre of the room to allow for constant/consistent airflow.

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Consider the room size, height and pitch of the ceiling

Is the room large? Will I need two fans?

You will need to consider the ceiling height, the pitch of the ceiling (flat or angled) and how the fan can be mounted if variations from the standard occur.

Do you require a light fan?

Some fans can impede existing light fittings in rooms and create a strobe lighting effect. Fans that obstruct a light could be replaced with a fan-light depending on its location.

What is the colour of the room and decor/soft furnishings in the room?

If you have modern decor you may prefer a contemporary chrome fan, or for an older Queenslander style home, you may consider a traditional wood look fan.

Compare ceiling fan blade performance

Compare blade performance required for your room. Blade pitch (angle) ranges from 8 to 15 degrees; the higher the pitch, the more air the fan moves.

Do you live near the ocean or waterways?

It may be worth considering a stainless steel fan for longevity.


Should I consider remote control fans?

Being able to control the light and action of your fan from a remote control from anywhere in the room can be a convenient extra. Many ceiling fans can be installed with a remote receiver which means that when installing a fan into an existing light point there is no need to run an extra wire to control the fan, as the remote does everything for you.

Handy ceiling fan purchasing tips:

  • Carefully consider the location of the fan and ensure that the fan you choose is suited to that area. If you’re buying for a bathroom, kitchen or covered outdoor room make sure that it is suitable to damp or wet conditions.
  • Look for fans bearing the Energy Star rating, this indicates that they move air up to 20 percent more efficiently than typical models. The more stars the better for the environment.
  • Unusual blade and housing finishes are striking, but a white fan will nicely blend into your white ceiling.
  • Most ceilings often require bracing to support the extra weight of a ceiling fan. Always have your fan installed by a licensed electrician to ensure there are no nasty surprises.

Fallon Solutions complete ceiling fan installation services

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