What is the difference between safety switches and circuit breakers?

How are safety switches and circuit breakers different?

Safety switches and circuit breakers are important electrical safety features used in homes. It is important for homeowners to understand the difference between the two and what each one does. The main difference is that safety switches protect people from electrical shocks, whereas circuit breakers prevent circuit damage.

How does a safety switch work?

Safety switches are designed to prevent harmful electric currents from coming into contact with people. They work by first detecting electrical leakages in your electrical system. Once a leak is found, within a millisecond the flow of electric current is cut off either in a specific area in your home or throughout the entire house. This depends on whether the safety switch is located on individual power outlets or on your home’s switchboard. Either way once activated, the safety switch stops the dangerous electrical flow from reaching a person. Always remember to get your safety switch tested , it saves lives!

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How does a circuit breaker work?

Like a safety switch, circuit breakers are designed to cut off the source of electricity when a high flow of current is detected. However, this safety feature directly protects the circuits in a home. Leaks or faulty connections between wires can cause power surges in a circuit, which create electrical fires. To prevent this from happening, when an irregular amount of amps is detected, the circuit breaker cuts off the source of electricity.

Is there a safety switch and a circuit breaker in one device?

Having all of these safety devices can really overcrowd your switchboard. However, there is an option to have a safety switch and circuit breaker combined. This allows for to have all of the benefits of having both features while also reducing the complexity and space taken up on your switchboard. Other circuits won’t be affected if the combined system trips.

Safety switch and circuit breaker experts

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