When should you upgrade your switchboard?

Most homeowners don’t tackle home maintenance issues until they really have to. Upgrading the switchboard can slip down the list of ‘To Dos’ with more urgent problems getting priority. There are, however, times when upgrading the switchboard needs to be a non-negotiable, these include:

  • Prior to renovating all or part of your home.
  • Before installing a solar power system – solar PV systems require a level of safety not provided in older fuse boards. Also, minor upgrades or additions may be required if there is not enough space in your current modern switchboard for the extra circuit breakers needed by the new solar system.
  • If you are adding a large appliance which requires a dedicated circuit or increased power supply such as hot water systems, air conditioning, pool filtration equipment, an oven or stove, etc.
  • When adding power points or extending the electrical wiring to include more GPOs.
  • If your home experiences frequent tripping of circuit breakers or fuses.
  • If electrical components, wiring or power points show signs of overheating such as scorch marks, giving off smoke, or burning smells.
  • If you can hear buzzing noises or other sounds from the fuse box or other electrical components.
  • You’ve had an electrical fire.

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  • When upgrading or replacing the electrical meter.
  • When rewiring all or sections of your home electrical system.
  • If the current switchboard is full with no room to fit additional circuits.
  • Before connecting to an economy tariff ie Tariff 33 or Tariff 31.
  • If 3-Phase power is required for a large appliance.
  • If the switchboard needs to be moved.
  • After purchasing an older home. Upgrading is a smart idea because you don’t know the history of the electrical system, better to start safely. In fact, we would recommend a full electrical safety inspection to ensure the whole electrical system is safe for you, your family, and anyone working on your property.

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