Pool Tariff 33 Connections

Connect your pool to an economy tariff and save in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Redlands and Sunshine Coast

Reduce your pool operating costs by connecting to an economy tariff. Fallon Solutions electricians can provide all the electrical services required to switch residential pool to an off-peak electricity tariff. The average pool filtration system which is connected to a continuous supply tariff, such as Tariff 11, can cost a homeowner around $700 per year to run. With the changes that have been brought in by the Qld Government, you are now able to connect your pool equipment to Tariff 33 via a socket outlet and run equipment at a reduced rate. Call us on 1300 054 488 or book now!

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What can I save by changing the pool to economy tariff?

Energex estimates that you can save approximately 15% off your pool operating expenses per year by switching to a Tariff 33 connection. Find out more here – energex.com.au

Connecting an existing pool

Our electrical team can assess your pool equipment and provide you with a quote to switch to an economy tariff. The quote will vary depending on the current wiring and set up of the electrical systems for your pool equipment.

All electrical work carried out by Fallon Solutions electricians in and around your pool area complies with the AS 3000 Wiring Rules.

Why should I connect my pool to an off-peak electricity tariff?

Economy tariffs are part of the Government initiatives to move electricity use away from peak demand times in residential areas (4 pm to 8 pm each day). Peak demand electricity is one of the main factors driving the increase in electricity prices.

Connecting to tariff 33 or 31 not only saves you money and reduces pressure on the mains electricity grid, it also means if your pump needs repairs or replacement that you don’t need to engage the services of an electrician to connect and disconnect the pool power each time. The electrical outlet connected to the economy tariff power now provides a simple connection and disconnection of the pool equipment for easy installation, maintenance and repairs.

Which pool equipment can I connect to tariff 33 or 31?

Connection to Tariff 33 and 31 can be carried out for pool filtration and associated sanitation systems, which include pool pumps, pool filters, chlorinators and chlorine dispensing units. It does not, however, apply to features such as pool lights, and fountains, etc.

Fallon Solutions also offers a wide range of pool plumbing and pool electrical services.

Your local pool electrical specialists

Fallon Solutions have been providing top quality electrical work throughout SEQ for over 60 years, our team of experienced Master Electricians can be relied upon to get the job done on time and on budget.

Looking for more savings on your power bill? Did you know you can also connect electric hot water systems to an economy tariff. Speak to our electrical team to see if this is right for your home.

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Want to know more about Economy Tariff 33 or 31?

You can also find out more on the Energex website here:
energex.com.au – Economy Tariffs