Surge Diverter Installation

Electrical Surge Diverter for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Redlands and Sunshine Coast

A Surge Diverter does exactly as it says. It will divert excess voltages from an electrical surge to earth. It measures the volts coming in and once it gets above a set amount (normally 260 volts), will divert the excess volts to earth.

An Electrical Surge Diverter is a great way to ensure adequate lightning protection for your valuable electronic equipment. Unlike the more common Surge Protector Powerboards that simply switch off if there is spike in volts, a Surge Diverter will just divert the excess volts away. It is also installed on your main switchboard, thereby protecting all powerpoints.

Fallon Solutions electricians can install a surge diverter in your switchboard to protect your home from electrical issues. Book an electrician today.

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How to protect your home from an electrical surge

What are electrical surges, what can they do to my appliances & how do I make sure my home is protected? Our electrician Morris has the answers on surge protection.

Fallon Solutions Master Electricians

Our team of master electricians can ensure your electrical wiring, lights, appliances and equipment are surge safe with an electrical surge diverter. Call us on 1300054488 or complete our Service Request form.

Important: A Surge Diverter doesn’t take the place of a Safety Switch. A Safety Switch is required by law and will protect you from electrocution. Learn more about Electrical Safety Switches.

Comprehensive electrical testing services

To ensure your home or business is kept electrically safe review our full electrical testing services here.

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