Tempering Valves

Regulating your Hot water temperature in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Redlands and Sunshine Coast

Is your  hot water system  scalding hot or inconsistent? A malfunctioning tempering valve could be the culprit. Tempering valves play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and steady hot water temperature, preventing sudden temperature fluctuations and potential scalding accidents. At Fallon Solutions, we offer professional tempering valve installation and repairs across Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Redland and Moreton Bays. With our experienced plumbers, rest assured your tempering valve will be installed or fixed correctly the first time.

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Why install a tempering valve?

Tempering valves are mandatory for new hot water systems, ensuring compliance with Australian Standards (AS 3500) to minimize scalding risks. In Queensland, replacing a hot water system mandates tempering valve installation. Incorrect hot water temperatures lead to numerous scalding cases annually. Installing a tempering valve maintains a safe, consistent water temperature, safeguarding against scalds. Ensure your hot water remains safe—contact Fallon Solutions for tempering valve installation or testing.What is a tempering valve? 

A tempering valve blends hot and cold water to deliver the desired water temperature from a tap, preventing scalding accidents. Learn more about tempering valves and their functionality in our detailed guide.

Find out more about tempering valves here – What is a tempering valve?

How does a tempering valve work?

Tempering valves mix hot and cold water to ensure the water output is at the correct temperature. Various tempering valves cater to different plumbing applications, from domestic to commercial setups.Understanding the function of your hot water valves 

From preventing scalding and burns to releasing pressure in the tank; hot water valves can have many different functions. Our plumber Josh explains how each of the hot water valves works on a storage electric hot water system. In this Fallon Solutions video we will explain the different valves on your hot water system and what they do.

Are tempering valves compulsory?

The short answer is yes. In all new homes or renovations, it is compulsory that your licenced plumber installs a tempering valve or thermostatic mixing valve to your hot water system.

What are the different types of tempering valves?

Blue cap tempering valve – commonly used for electric water heaters. Green cap tempering valve – designed for gas hot water systems.

Orange cap tempering valve – solar hot water and heat pump hot water systems. Black cap tempering valve – for large capacity systems.

Expert advice on tempering valves?

Stay compliant with plumbing laws and regulations—seek advice from Fallon Solutions’ Master Plumbers for all your hot water system needs. Contact us on 1300 054 488 or complete our booking form today.