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Australian Sports Lighting Solutions specialises in football field lighting design and installation throughout the country. We have a wide range of premium sports lighting options, tailored by experts in the industry to meet the specific needs of your football ground.

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Are you looking for a new lighting system for your football field?

Our lighting experts will make a full assessment of the playing area as well as the surrounding facilities to design the perfect lighting system for your football ground. Quality lighting ensures that not only are players able to train and compete in a safe, functional environment, but spectators can also enjoy an optimum viewing experience as well.

The Australian Sports Lighting Solutions team provide comprehensive illumination exactly where it’s needed to create a practical, enjoyable environment for everyone who uses the football stadium – players, coaches, spectators, and more. With the right sports lighting, you’ll be able to host football games under the best possible conditions.

Our lighting systems provide optimum brightness options for both low-light daytime and night games, so teams can play at their peak, any time of the day or night.

Football Field Lighting - Rochdale Rovers

Energy saving LED football stadium lights

Long lasting LED luminaries offer reduced maintenance and replacement requirements, as well as energy efficient operation to minimise power costs for the facility over the long term.

The use of LEDs lamps helps to reduce the light loss factor in a range of climates and conditions, ensuring the longevity of the lighting system.

Football stadium lighting design

ASLS can provide a full service lighting design solution for your football ground, from the initial feasibility study and concept design, to project management, installation, and commissioning. We also offer an ongoing maintenance service to keep your sports lighting system functioning at its best all year round.

Our team will consider all aspects including spill light considerations, local restrictions, and environmental aspects working with all parties to achieve the best possible outcome.

The project team will assess the light pole requirements for optimum coverage of the field and spectator areas to determine whether the current light poles can be utilised or if replacements are required. ASLS electrical contractors will also take care of the power supply and cabling requirements, as well as implement lighting control systems to allow for training and competition adjustments to maximise energy efficiency.

The lighting system can be customised to allow the use of the field or stadium for a range of football codes as well as other sports or events.

Football NSW Lighting Guide

Football NSW has put together a very informative Football Lighting Guide for clubs to help with the planning and implementation of lighting upgrades. Take a look here –

Durable, efficient custom football stadium lighting systems

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