Can plumbers complete gas fitting jobs?

If you have ever needed to call a tradesperson to come and fix a problem, you have likely heard the terms ‘plumber’ and ‘ gas fitter’ thrown around. But what do they actually mean? Who is the right person to call when you have a plumbing issue or a gas problem?

If you are wondering whether you should be calling a plumber or a gas fitter to complete a job in your home or workplace, wonder no longer. We have all the answers you need below. If you need any further information, give Fallon Solutions a call on 1300 054 488

What is a plumber?

A plumber is a tradesperson that has received their plumber’s license and is generally qualified as a:

  • Water plumber.
  • Roofer.
  • Gas Fitter.
  • Drainer.

*Note: This can alter depending on your location within Australia.

A plumbers license will show exactly what they are qualified to do, usually stating (at a minimum) plumbing and gas fitting as allowed services they can provide.

What is a gas plumber?

On the other hand, a gas fitter, otherwise known as a gas plumber, hold a gas work license, may not be a plumber and may only be licensed to work on gas installations.

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What is the difference between a plumber and a gas fitter?

There are a few differences between plumbers and gas fitters including:

  • Not all gas fitters are plumbers.
  • It is possible (although unusual) to be a plumber and not a gas fitter.
  • Plumbers can usually work on water-related issues and gas-related issues, whereas gas fitters may only work on gas-related issues.

What tasks do gas fitters complete?

The following are examples of tasks that gas fitters are qualified to complete:

  • Natural gas barbecue installations.
  • Connections and conversions.
  • Gas appliance installations – cooktops, stoves, ovens.
  • Gas bayonet fitting.
  • Gas fireplace installs.
  • General gas fitting, repairs and replacements.
  • Gas hot water system installation, supply, repairs
  • Home heater installation – gas.
  • Gas compliance certificates.

Can plumbers complete gas fitting jobs?

So, the answer to the title question is yes, they can, as long as they are appropriately qualified. It is always very important to ask any tradesperson to show you their relevant qualifications before commencing a job, to ensure they have the right qualifications. If they do not, there are a range of issues that can arise… and it may also void your insurance!

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