25 Things to add to your isolation bucket list

While binge-watching Netflix is fun for a while, the time will come when you’re bored with it. So if the isolation-boredom has already kicked in, then it’s time to switch it up! Here are 25 activities that will keep you entertained while you’re stuck at home.

1. Try a new recipe

How about dedicating one day a week to cooking something you’ve never tried before to mix things up a little?

2. Paint a wall

Give your home a new splash of colour for a little refresh.

3. Re-organise your wardrobe

It’s time to store away the summer outfits and dig out the winter wardrobe.

4. Learn a new language

Maybe that’s something that has been on your bucket list for a while, or you’re planning an overseas trip when all of this is finally over.

5. Declutter your pantry

Got any food items that are out of date? Getting rid of them frees up space and stops you accidentally using pancake mix from 10 years ago.

6. Teach your pet a new trick

Spending time with your pet is good for your mental health, so you’ll both benefit from multiple walks a day. Why not also spend this time training your pet to improve their behaviour or even teach them a new trick?

7. Learn a new instrument

Is that guitar you got for Christmas in 2016 still sitting in the corner gathering dust? Lots of musicians are offering online classes which is a great way to improve your skills and support local artists!

8. Organise the photos on your phone

Delete the ones you don’t want to keep and create folders to organise all other photos. It will free up space on your phone which helps it performance.

9. Read a book

Put aside the TV remote and open up a book you always wanted to read but never got the time to.

10. Connect with your family and friends

Check how your family and friends are doing by giving them a video call!

11. Teach yourself a new skill

What’s the one thing you always wanted to be able to do?

12. Go a bit overboard with online shopping

But remember to support local businesses, to help them survive the crisis.

13. Build a cubby house or deck in your garden

It’s important to get out of the house to avoid cabin fever. Get your kids to help you with a garden project this weekend.

14. Dig out the old boardgames and puzzles

Get the whole family together for a boardgame marathon.

15. Have you baked banana bread or muffins yet?

The banana bread baking trend is taking over social media. It’s easy to make and absolutely delicious.

16. Grow a mo

Another thing that is trending at the moment is growing a moustache. The mo look has made a big comeback, so why not? If you’ve still got a beard, do some selective shaving! You’ll have a good headstart on everyone else.

17. Start a side-hustle

Use this time to work on a side-project that’s been in the back of your mind waiting to come to life.

18. Order too much food and then use the excuse “gotta support the local businesses”

It’s okay to treat yourself every now and then.

19. Learn a new dance and film a TikTok video with your kids

This will get you moving and can be a lot of fun.

20. Make travel plans for 2021

Traveling in 2020 has basically been cancelled. But don’t let this ruin your excitement to go and see the world. Plan now, travel later.

21. Write a journal

The current circumstances we’re facing at the moment can have a negative effect on the mental health, so keeping a journal of things you’re grateful for can help to keep positive.

22. Dye or cut your hair

This is something for the brave ones; just remember that bleaching your hair can go horribly wrong and also don’t forget to buy a voucher from your hairdresser to support them through these tough times.

23. Plant vegetables in your garden

While planting vegetables is a fun activity, eating vegetables that you have grown yourself is even more satisfying. If you don’t have a garden, you can use pots or specialised planters for your balcony.

24. Watch online classes to learn something that has always interested you

Use this time at home to study an interesting subject to broaden your horizons.

25. Start to exercise regularly

Quarantine snacks are great but it’s also important to keep healthy! We’re still permitted to exercise outside, just be mindful to keep your distance from others!

Good luck getting through the list! Remember you don’t have to fill every minute of every day; it is absolutely okay (and beneficial for mental health) to slow down and take it easy while you can.