2nd electrical cable recall – Ecables CCA power cables

A serious fire and electrical shock risk have led to the recall of Ecables Copper Clad Aluminium RE110 insulated power cables. The cables were used in mostly larger-scale applications such as apartment buildings, hotels, and commercial installations.

The insulation of the recalled electrical cables, used in Australia between Jan 2012 and June 2014, was shown under testing to fail at temperatures well below its rating. This failure could leave live conductors exposed presenting a very serious fire, electrical injury, and electrocution hazards.

Please Note: Fallon Solutions electrical services would like to inform our customers that our team have never used or installed the Ecables Copper Clad Aluminium RE110 insulated power cable.

What to do now
If you suspect this cabling has been used in the electrical wiring of your building contact your builder or installation electrician immediately. Alternatively, you can arrange an electrical safety inspection with our electrical team to ascertain if you have the recalled electrical cabling. Our master electricians will be able to advise you or your body corporate on the best course of action if replacements are needed.

More information – Reference – http://www.australiancablemakers.com/newsroom – Article – Second round of dangerous electrical cables sparks fresh warnings