3 signs your aircon might be infested with mould

Air conditioners are absolutely indispensable during the Brisbane summer heat, as they can significantly increase the comfort in the home.

But if they’re not cleaned and maintained regularly, your air conditioner can quickly become the perfect breeding ground for mould. Over time dust, dirt, bacteria and dead skin particles accumulate in the indoor unit which – in combination with the humid summer conditions – can create the perfect environment for mould to thrive.

Mouldy Air Conditioner

When the air conditioner is turned on, it releases these bacteria and mould spores into the air which can be harmful for anyone in the home.

If any of the following signs sounds familiar to you, then there’s a high change your air conditioner is infested with mould.

You keep getting sick

If you or your loved ones keep suffering from respiratory issues and flu symptoms such as a blocked nose, a cough or you’re experiencing skin irritations, your air conditioner can potentially be the cause. Be proactive and have it cleaned by a professional air conditioning technician to make sure you and your family are breathing in healthy air.

There’s a bad smell coming from the indoor unit

Do you notice a musty smell (even when your air conditioner is turned off)? Then you know that something is wrong. Air conditioners are supposed to be odourless, so if it does smell strange, then this might be due to mould growing inside the unit.

You notice black spots in the air conditioner

Keep in mind that mould is not always visible from the outside. Sometimes mould grows around the internal parts of the unit which can’t be seen from the outside. There’s no need to get your hands dirty. The simple solution is to call an air conditioning technician who can give your air conditioners a thorough clean.

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Find out more about what to do to keep your air conditioner mould-free this humid season.

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