4 hacks to achieving Airbnb gold during the Commonwealth Games

The 2018 Commonwealth Games ticket draw lit up the internet this week and things are really starting to heat up on the Gold Coast, games style. With most venues ready for action the preparations are all about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s from now on. If you’re one of the many enterprising Gold Coast residents who is thinking of putting their home on Airbnb during the games now is the perfect time to start getting your property ready and get your listing up.

Aside from all the basic preparation such as cleaning, clearing clutter, and throwing on some fresh linen, there are a few jobs that need to be done to ensure the comfort and safety of your guests and protect your home as well.

Gold standard tips for Airbnb

Lock away valuables

Consider installing a sturdy lock on an existing cupboard or wardrobe, or putting in a safe to keep any valuables you can’t remove from the house or apartment. Ensure you make it clear which areas your guests are welcome to use and which are off-limits.

Fix everything

Yes, everything, even the bits you’ve happily ignored or worked around for ages. Guests need to be able to use everything in the space, whether it be a single room or an entire house, easily and safely.

Wonky and lose balustrade? Get it repaired. Temperamental air conditioner? Book an aircon service. Cracked power point? Call an electrician. Actually, while the electrician is doing that job get him or her to give the electrical systems throughout your home a thorough check over, including installing a safety switch on every circuit. This ensures your guests are protected in the event of an accident or the misuse of an appliance.

Pay attention to other potential situations which don’t happen all the time but occasionally could, such as tiles that get slippery when they’re wet or a drain that overflows during really heavy rain.

If you’re open to having families staying in the accommodation make sure everything is small child and baby proof. Consider placing electric socket covers on all the power points, child locks on cupboards that store chemicals or other dangerous items, and anchoring support on the TV.

Update your insurance

Your regular home and contents insurance probably won’t cover any issues occurring while your home is used for Airbnb. Check with your insurance provider about your policy options.

Also, research Airbnb’s liability insurance cover to ensure you know what’s covered and if it’s going to be enough for your property and needs.

Sort the day to day stuff

These will probably be last minute jobs but don’t forget about things like diverting the mail, organising the putting-out and taking-in of rubbish and recycle bins, as well as redirecting any regular deliveries.

Getting help

If you need help getting the practical jobs done in time for the Commonwealth Games give our trade services team a call on 1300 762 260 or complete our booking request form, we can sort out all your electrical, plumbing, gas fitting, air conditioning and hot water needs across the Gold Coast.