4 Tips for Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Earlier, we talked about a few factors to consider in choosing an air conditioning unit for your home. Now, our experts have a few tips for you, to help you pick the right air conditioner to suit your needs.

1. Consider your installation restrictions and limitations.

Do you have your own place, or are you living in an apartment or flat-type setting? If it’s the latter, aside from seeking the approval of the owner of the apartment, you’d also have to think about how your new unit would affect your neighbors, especially in terms of how loud it might be when you switch it on.

Additionally, consider what the room you want to cool looks like. Is it large or a bit cramped? How high is the ceiling? You’d want an air conditioner that you can make the most out of in terms of efficient cooling.

2. Choose the type of air conditioner based on where you want to install it.

There are different kinds of air conditioning units that you can select, depending on the location where you want the machine to be installed. A central air conditioning unit, for example, is a popular choice in many homes. You could also opt for a ductless (or split) air conditioner, like the ones you see in hotels and apartments. There are also window-mounted, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and even portable air conditioners. Pick one based on the places in your home that need to “chill.”

3. Get a unit in the proper size.

Getting a unit that’s too big will not only take up more space than necessary, it’s also not an efficient choice. Larger units tend to cycle on and off more frequently, making them more prone to damage (and raising your electric bill to new heights). On the other hand, a unit that’s too small probably won’t be enough for you to achieve your desired room temperature. Choosing unit size is also connected with choosing the right unit type (as discussed in the second tip), so if you make a decision as to where the air conditioner will be installed, it’s easier to address size concerns.

4. Set a budget limit (but don’t go cheap).

Setting a limit to how much you would allow yourself to spend will certainly help you make more careful decisions. However, fight the urge to settle for cheap knock-off brands – you’d end up spending more for air conditioner repair services (or even worse, replacements) in the long run. Pick a well-known and reliable brand.

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