5 Home Maintenance Jobs You Shouldn’t Handle Yourself

With so many DIY books, tutorials and online guides available everywhere, the idea of taking care of home maintenance issues personally has become, for many people, an appealing alternative to calling in a professional electrician, or carpenter. Homeowners who don’t want to spend money on professional maintenance services tend to be more comfortable with handling repair jobs themselves. However, there are seemingly simple tasks that are actually not worth the time or risk. Here are five home maintenance jobs that are best left in the hands of a qualified specialist.

1. Plumbing jobs

There are some plumbing-related tasks that DIYers can certainly complete, such as replacing a showerhead or tap. However, for jobs that require modifying your plumbing lines, renovating your kitchen, or even installing toilets or sinks, you really should call a qualified plumber. It’s better to be safe than to risk ruining your plumbing system and subsequently flooding your house.

2. Electrical repairs

Electrical appliances and lines are dangerous to fiddle with, which is why it’s illegal to do just about any kind of electrical work if you don’t have a license. Any repair job that goes beyond a simple light globe replacement requires the expertise of an experienced electrician. Electrical work is risky, and even the simplest mistakes can lead to a fire, injuries or even death.

3. Roofing repairs and TV antenna installations

Working from heights has always been a dangerous prospect. Even if you had the proper tools and technical knowledge, the risk of falling off your roof is definitely something you’d want to avoid. Roofing repairs and antenna installations can be very physically taxing, and it’s easier to make mistakes and get into accidents when you’re tired. A trained professional is always your best option when it comes to these kinds of tasks.

4. Gas fitting and hot water system installation and repair

Working with gas systems is extremely risky. Gas leaks are certainly a serious matter – according to estimates, at least one death and 21 injuries per year result from carbon monoxide poisoning by domestic gas appliances. Always call a gas plumber to handle gas fitting operations, hot water system maintenance, and other gas-related home issues.

5. Painting (and repainting) jobs

Bringing new life to a faded wall or door is not just as simple as grabbing a wide brush and a can of paint and swishing and stroking away. You need to wash, sand, and scrape paint off surfaces even before priming them. It’s time-consuming work that requires a lot of materials – it kind of goes against the point of doing things yourself in the first place. Hire a specialist instead, to save you time and money and spare you from stress.

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