5 outstanding benefits of installing ceiling fans

They keep you cool, but that’s just the beginning. Check out the many other benefits of installing ceiling fans in your home this summer.

1. They’re cheap as chips

Less than chips actually. On average if you run your ceiling fan from the moment you woke up (let’s say 6 am) to lights out at night (for argument’s sake 10 pm), it would cost you less than 50 cents to run for the day. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bag of chips for that much these days. A ceiling fan will cost around 3 cents an hour to run, that’s a load less than other home cooling methods.

2. Green, eco-friendly, guilt-free

It’s not often you can run an appliance whilst basking in the green glow of eco-friendliness. Ceiling fans allow you to get on with your day in the cool without that small pang of guilt you get for gouging another chunk out of the poor old ozone layer. (OK, maybe that’s just me using the dryer.) The lower power use of a ceiling fan equates to decreased carbon footprint, everybody wins.

3. Maximum chill-out factor

Using ceiling fans in conjunction with your air conditioning will boost the cooling feel without having to reduce the thermostat. 24° Celsius is the most economical temperature to run the air conditioner but when the outside temp climbs to the mid to high 30’s the temptation to lower it further is great. Leave the aircon temperature where it is and turn on the fan instead, you’ll be amazed how much cooler you will feel.

4. Style statement

Unfortunately, air conditioner manufacturers lack much in design imagination, most air con’s come in a standard white rectangular box or if you would like to upgrade the next model, a slightly more expensive white rectangular box. It doesn’t always suit your décor or leave much room for decorating flair.

The ceiling fan’s on the other hand, present a huge selection of design options for just about every style. You can jazz up the room with modern multi-coloured fans, go classic with a more traditional look, create a tropical paradise with wood or wicker, or install a contemporary two blade ceiling fan to make a statement. Add style and function with a fan.

5. Backspin

Probably the last thing on your mind at the moment, but in six months’ time, you’ll think back and be so glad you went ahead with the ceiling fan installation. Many ceiling fans are reversible, meaning they can circulate the warm air in winter with the flick of a switch. Yep, fans can help you keep warm, who would have thought?

Physics 101 – hot air rises. When you switch the fan’s direction to the winter setting it gently directs the warm air back down through the room boosting the effectiveness of your heating.

Become a fan (of the ceiling fan)

Ceiling fan technology and design have come a long way in the last 10 or 20 years. If you, like many of us, had the harrowing experience as a child of sleeping under a fan that rattled and shook so much you imagined it flying off the ceiling at any moment, slicing up the room as it fell, rest assured with professional fan installation and the correct adjustments you won’t even notice it is up there most of the time.

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