5 reasons why heating with a reverse cycle air conditioner beats conventional heaters every time

Winter is that season of the year when most people get surprisingly creative when it comes to keeping warm in their homes. There’s the choice of putting on as many layers of clothes as possible, warming up the bed with a hair dryer or there’s the good old hot water bottle.

But none of these tricks are usually sufficient (or 100% safe) and that’s why it pays off to have a reverse cycle air conditioner installed in your home.

What is a reverse cycle air conditioner?

A reverse cycle air conditioner is a system that will keep you cool in summertime and it can be run in reverse to heat your home in the colder months.

When you set your air conditioner to Heat Mode, the chemical refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside (even on winter days) and carries the warm air inside your home.

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Heating with your air conditioner vs. heating with portable electric heaters

1. Versatility

Portable electric heaters are only designed to do one thing and that is to generate warm air. Chances are that you won’t be using them in the summertime at all, so they will only come in handy for a couple of months each year.

Reverse cycle air conditioners are designed to cool or heat, so they can be used throughout the whole year which makes them more versatile.

2. Safety

Electric heaters can pose burn and fire hazards if they’re incorrectly stored, not maintained or used nearby flammable materials such as curtains, sofas, etc.

A reverse cycle air conditioner is a safer option, as you won’t have the fear of it tipping over. The system can also be left unattended and set to automatically shut off after a period of time.

3. Energy efficiency


Plug-in electric heaters may be cheap to buy but can be quite costly to run. They need to generate new heat, whereas reverse cycle air conditioners channel the existing heat from the outside air and distribute the warm air in the home which makes them more energy efficient.

For extra savings, consider upgrading your air conditioning system to a newer model. A new modern Daikin reverse cycle split system could save up to 46% on running costs when compared to older models.

4. Health

Unlike portable heaters, most modern reverse cycle air conditioners have inbuilt air purifying filters that catch dust, dirt and bacteria. This filtering system is especially beneficial for people that suffer from asthma and other allergies.

5. Zoning

A portable heater can be practical in terms of moving it from one room to the next – wherever you need it. But the downside is that many portable heaters are designed to only warm a small area.

Reverse cycle air conditioners can heat up a whole room and if you have a ducted air conditioning system with zoning, you have the option to set a different temperature for different areas in your house.

What’s a good temperature setting when heating with a reverse cycle air conditioner in winter?

Heating with reverse cycle air conditioning

In terms of energy efficiency, the recommended temperature is 18 to 22 degrees in Heat Mode but generally speaking, there’s no temperature that’s ideal for everyone, as some are more sensitive to the cold than others.

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